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2010 Hyundai Elantra


Hyundai Elantra

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Refasten the Brake Lines To the Frame/Body
  • Remove the vehicles wheels in order to gain access to the outer tie rod end. Remove any components that interfere with the removal of the tie rod end (braking components, shields). Remove cotter pin and the hardware that attaches the tie rod end to the spindle and adjusting sleeve. Remove the faulty tie rod end and clean the threads in the adjusting sleeve. Apply anti-seize compound to the threads of the new tie rod end and install into the adjusting sleeve and spindle. Tighten all hardware to manufacturers specification and grease all applicable joints on the steering components and reinstall vehicles wheel. Since the steering components were disassembled, a 4 wheel alignment is needed to set vehicles steering characteristics back to original specifications.
  • Road test the vehicle to verify any alignment concerns. Check and or set all tire pressures. Install targets on the vehicles wheels, and take initial alignment measurements. Adjust the factory toe angle to specification, and verify that the other alignment angles on both the front and rear axles are within specifications. Note: Shims, Eccentrics and labor for fixed alignment angles in both the front and the rear are not included.
  • Tighten the Accessory Drive Belts.
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2008 Hyundai Elantra


Hyundai Elantra

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Install data scanner and engine analyzer. Run tests on the fuel, ignition, and computer control systems. Retrieve fault codes from the processors memory. Codes exist in the system for a large leak in the evap emissions system (P0455). Perform all necessary pin point tests checking the wiring, grounds, relays, and related circuit components to isolate the problem. All components are currently operating within specified values. Reset the system and return the vehicle to the customer. This code will not effect vehicle reliability or cause issues with the engine. If the light returns, the vehicle may require additional testing to isolate the intermittent issue.
  • Check the vehicles under hood fluid levels and remove the oil fill cap and breather assemblies (where applicable) Remove the vehicles engine oil drain plug, and drain the contents of the engines oil pan or sump. Remove the filter assembly and clean the sealing surfaces of the housing for reinstallation. On cartridge equipd vehicles, replace the housing O rings and clean the debris from the housing and relief valves. Lubricate the O rings on the housing and or the filter assembly and replace the filter or element. Clean and inspect the oil drain plug gasket, and check the threads in the engines oil pan. Torque the plug to the manufacturers specification using a new gasket where required. Clean the grease zerks to remove debris, and lubricate all accessible fittings on the vehicles steering, suspension, driveline and chassis components. Check and or set the tire pressures and relearn the TPMS system where required. Fill the engine with the manufactures specified type, grade, and viscosity engine oil and verify level after purging the new filter. Check and or top off all low fluid levels and reset the maintenance reminder system where applicable. Note. Some vehicles maintenance reminders do not take on initial reset. If your maintenance light happens to come on following an oil service, please give us a call so we can correct it.
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