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  • 2010 MINI Cooper

    MINI Cooper
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    • Drain the engine coolant and flush the system in both directions with water to remove sediment. Forward and reverse flush radiator, heater core, heater control valve, and engine block. Remove the vehicles overflow container and wash out debris where necessary, and fill the reservoir to capacity with new engine coolant. Remove the engines serpentine and or V style drive belts, and clean and lubricate any idlers, pivots, or tensioner assemblies for later reassembly. Clean all mating surfaces on the engine block and timing cover to ensure a proper seal is achieved during reassembly. NOTE: Upon disassembly it was noticed that the transfer tube attaching the water pump to the thermostat housing was cracked and will need to be replaced. Install a new water pump and gasket and torque as specified. Reinstall the removed brackets, shields, deflectors, necessary to access the pump. Replace or reinstall the accessory drive belt(s), and check the tensioner assembly for proper operation. Verify belt deflection and alignment of the engines accessories, and lock all manually adjusted tensioners as required. Fill the cooling system to capacity with the specified amount and type of new engine coolant. Run the engine to operating temperature and purge the air from the system. Check the freeze point and acidity of the engine coolant to insure a proper mixture is in the system. Check to verify that the electric cooling fans are operating within their specified temperature range. Check system for leaks and road test the vehicle. Install and run a full data scan where required to insure that all engine controls are functioning as intended. Remove any associated faults from the system and recheck all fluid levels. NOTE: If the system develops an air pocket, the coolant level may decrease slightly. If this occurs, the customer may experience erratic heat output and or a warning light. If any of these symptoms occur, the customer should return to have the system checked / topped off.
    • Refasten Ground Wire (Customer left off)
    • Verify proper coolant level in both the radiator and or expansion tank. Pressure test system to systems normal operating range. Check for leaks at all hoses, clamps, fittings, connections, and components. Allow vehicle to remain pressurized and check for a pressure loss. Run the engine to operating temperature and check the cooling systems flow rate and thermostat opening temperature. Perform hydrocarbon test to check for the presence of a cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, or block failure. Check the acidity and freeze protection of the coolant and pressure test the radiator and or expansion tank cap to check for proper operation of the relief valve. Determined that the water pump is leaking engine coolant and will need to be replaced to repair the issue.
    Mark W. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/6/2021