2016 Lincoln MKZ

  • 2016 Lincoln MKZ

    Lincoln MKZ
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    • Price includes mounting, balancing, flange machining, tire disposal, and resetting / relearning of the tire pressure monitoring systems data, and sensors.
    • WHEEL BEARING – Remove & Replace – Front,One – [Serviced with Wheel Hub Assembly.] – [Includes: Replace Inner and/or Outer Bearings, Cups, Seals and repack (where applicable).]
    • Road test the vehicle to verify any alignment concerns. Check and or set all tire pressures. Install targets on the vehicles wheels, and take initial alignment measurements. Adjust the factory toe angle to specification, and verify that the other alignment angles on both the front and rear axles are within specifications. Note: Shims, Eccentrics and labor for fixed alignment angles in both the front and the rear are not included.
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