2012 Toyota Tacoma

  • 2012 Toyota Tacoma

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    • Remove the front steering and suspension system components. Disconnect the sway bar assembly and links. Remove the fasteners from the ball joints and bushings. Clean all hardware and rethread as necessary. Clean the chassis mounting points and install new control arm assembly. Lubricate all pivots and torque the hardware to specification. Reassemble the sway bar links and bushing assemblies and reattach and torque the spindle. Reinstall steering components check and or set all tire pressures. Install 4 laser heads on vehicle and take initial measurements. Adjust factory toe angle to specification. Note: Shims, Eccentrics and labor for fixed alignment angles in both the front and the rear are not included.
    • Road test the vehicle to verify any alignment concerns. Check and or set all tire pressures. Install targets on the vehicles wheels, and take initial alignment measurements. Adjust the factory toe angle to specification, and verify that the other alignment angles on both the front and rear axles are within specifications. Note: Shims, Eccentrics and labor for fixed alignment angles in both the front and the rear are not included.
    • Remove the four tires from the vehicle, and clean the wheel studs, hub flanges, and the rims centric. Check the vehicles braking system components for wear, remaining brake material, and signs of pending issues. Reinstall the tires onto the vehicle in their best suited locations based on overall wear, torquing all lugs to factory specification. Inflate all tires to the manufacturers suggested pressure, and visually assess the tread for abnormal wear which may indicate a need for a wheel alignment. Reset the vehicles tire pressure monitor sensor locations where required, using the factory approved TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring) system, scan tool. Road test the vehicle and confirm there is no abnormal handling characteristics following the rotation. Note: Some vehicles may have a slight drift following a tire rotation. This is due to a pattern that developes in some tires due to excessive time in one location. This condition should improve as the tread conforms to the new location / alignment angle. If drifting would not improve, sometimes an alignment or a cross rotation is required.
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