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    • NOTE: The front bumper components are pushed back towards the engine and were rubbing the lower radiator hose which made it fail prematurely. The front bumper was removed (which was only held on by 2 bolts) to access the radiator/air conditioning components to try and reposition them to prevent contact with the engine components. There was a piece of plastic holding the radiator and condenser towards the engine which was removed and now there is sufficient clearance between the hose and radiator. The customer stated that the vehicle was going to a body shop for repairs so the front bumper was left off and placed in the back of the vehicle. Drain engine coolant and flush system in both directions with water to remove sediment. Hook flush equipment to the vehicles cooling system and forward and reverse flush radiator, heater core, heater control valve, and engine block. Remove the vehicles overflow container and wash out debris. Reinstall overflow and top off to capacity. Run engine on the flush equipment until the engine coolant is clean and the acidity is at an acceptable level. Top off cooling system to capacity with specified amount and type of new engine coolant. Run engine to circulate coolant and check freeze point and acidity to insure a proper mixture is in the system. Run engine to operating temperature and purge air from system. Check to verify that the electric cooling fans are operating within their specified temperature range. Check system for leaks and road test. If the system develops an air pocket, the coolant level may decrease slightly. If this occurs, the customer should return to have the system topped off. NOTE: The engine coolant had a large amount of sludge inside which appears to be intermixed coolant and oil which is a sign there has been an internal failure. It is recommended that this vehicle be addressed for this issue due to the overheating possibilities or with all of the repair work that is needed, it may just be cost effective to purchase another vehicle.
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