2011 Jeep Wrangler

  • 2011 Jeep Wrangler

    Jeep Wrangler
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    • Remove all components that interfere with the removal of the vehicles transaxle assembly. Remove all shifter linkages and any electrical connectors from the transaxle. Remove the lower cross member and the vehicles drive axles. Remove all bell housing bolts and support the vehicles engine to remove the transaxle from the vehicle. Remove the clutch assembly and clean the inside of the bell housing to remove debris. Lubricate all pivot points and the land where the throw out bearing is positioned. Replace the clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, and pilot bearing. Reassemble all components and center the vehicles drive line. Drain the vehicles transaxle fluid and replace with new fluid. Evacuate and replace all of the clutch hydraulic fluid and top off the transaxle. Make any necessary adjustments to the shift cable to ensure proper clutch engagement/disengagement. (if applicable) Road test the vehicle and check for leaks and for proper clutch operation.
    • Install data scanner and engine analyzer. Run tests on the body controller and anti lock braking system computer control units. Remove fault codes from the processors memory. Codes exist in the system for rear abs sensors. Perform all necessary pin point tests checking the wiring, grounds, relays, and related circuit components to isolate the problem to the rear sensors. Remove and replace the rear ABS sensor and replace the wiring.
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