2005 Chevrolet Silverado

  • 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

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    • Check the vehicles under hood fluid levels and remove the oil fill cap and breather assemblies (where applicable) Remove the vehicles engine oil drain plug, and drain the contents of the engines oil pan or sump. Remove the filter assembly and clean the sealing surfaces of the housing for reinstallation. On cartridge equipped vehicles, replace the housing O rings and clean the debris from the housing and relief valves. Lubricate the O rings on the housing and or the filter assembly and replace the filter or element. Clean and inspect the oil drain plug gasket, and check the threads in the engines oil pan. Torque the plug to the manufacturers specification using a new gasket where required. Clean the grease zerks to remove debris, and lubricate all accessible fittings on the vehicles steering, suspension, driveline and chassis components. Check and or set the tire pressures and relearn the TPMS system where required. Fill the engine with the manufacturers specified type, grade, and viscosity engine oil and verify level after purging the new filter. Check and or top off all low fluid levels and reset the maintenance reminder system where applicable. Note. Some vehicles maintenance reminders do not take on initial reset. If your maintenance light happens to come on following an oil service, please give us a call so we can correct it.
    • Check all components in the blower speed circuit to determine why the blower motor only operates on the highest setting. Perform tests on the switch, wiring, blower motor and resistor. Determined that the blower motor resistor is faulty and will require replacement. Remove any interior panels in order to gain access to the blower motor resistor. Remove the electrical connector from the resistor. Remove and replace the resistor and install any previously removed interior components back to original configuration. Clean and tighten the electrical terminals to ensure a proper connection is made. Reconnect the blower motor resistors electrical plug using di-electric grease and check all blower speeds to verify correct operation.
    • Replace block heater wiring.
    • Remove the air intake hose from the plenum chamber and disassemble the filter housing. Remove the existing engine air filter and vacuum the inside of the filter housing. Install the replacement filter and resecure the air intake pipes to the plenum chamber.
    • Road test vehicle and check for brake pulsation, brake noise, wheel alignment pull, steering wheel centering, suspension stability, tire balance condition, transmission shifting and or clutch engagement, and engine performance concerns. Visually inspect tires for wear resulting from alignment, or balance problems. Check front and rear suspension components for wear at all visible bushings, pivots, sockets, and joints. Check the condition of all drive belts, radiator hoses, heater hoses, brake hoses, and verify level and condition of engine coolant is good. Check engine, transmission, final drive, and differentials for any oil leaks. Check CV drive axle boots for cracks or tears. Check ignition system components consisting of plugs, ignition wires, coils, and or cap and rotor if applicable. Check exhaust system fittings, clamps, and gaskets for leaks or damage and verify condition and levels of power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and differential or final drive fluid. Test all vehicle exterior lights for illumination, turn signal operation, and emergency flasher operation. Hook vehicles components to the VAT45 digital analyzer. Perform a full electrical system diagnostic including a complete analysis of starting and charging system components; vehicle battery (connections and cables), alternator output (belt tension and condition), and starter operation.
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